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Self-reflection is a powerful tool, and Wellness Wheel is your companion through your growth journey.

Get started with Wellness Wheel

Step 1: Hit "Create Your Wheel"

Select an area of your life that deserves your attention and focus. Your categories and powerful questions will automatically be provided.

You can always change this and fully customize it later.

Step 2: Record responses with sliders

Depending on your wheel template, you'll see a list of sliders attached to different categories and questions. Consider each question prompt, and slide towards the right to answer or simply tap.

Create a wheel by assessing how you're feeling in the categories of your choice. How are you doing in that area, or how well are you embodying the trait?

Evocative questions will help guide your thinking.

Step 3: Reflect on your completed wheel

Once complete, explore the wheel visualization of your mood at this moment. How big is the wheel? How well would it roll?

Is there a change you can make to make the wheel more full or smooth? Consider these areas of change. How can you find balance?

Step 4: Set up periodic reminders

Hit the hamburger icon on the top right and select "User Settings". Under Reminder Notification, select the frequency of your notifications. Whether weekly or daily, make it a new, simple check-in just for you.

Step 5: Review your data and track your progress

After making three wheels, see how your feelings evolve over time by using the charts feature. Start by selecting "View Trends".

Look at the graph and notice your peaks and valleys for specific themes. Reflect on:
·  What trends emerge?
·  What aspects of your life are connected?
·  What changes are working?

The Trends feature will help you build a deeper understanding of yourself, your goals, and what brings you happiness.

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