Wellness Wheel

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Understand your well-being and see it in a unique, intuitive way.

App screenshot of cards with wheel templates on them: Work, Family, Personal Growth, and Leadership


Select an area of your life that deserves your attention and focus. Relevant categories and powerful questions will automatically be provided.

You can always change this and fully customize it later.


Create a wheel by assessing how you're feeling in the categories of your choice. How are you doing in that area, or how well are you embodying the trait?

Evocative questions will help guide your thinking.

App screenshot of sliders for categories: Trust, Empathy, Support, and Respect
App screenshot of wheel visualization, looking a bit like a pizza with all the slices different sizes and colors


Once done, explore the wheel visualization of your mood at this moment. How big is the wheel? How well would it roll?

Is there a change you can make to make the wheel more full or more smooth? Consider trying it.


Set up periodic reminders (once a day, once a week) to take time to reflect and create more wheels. Make it a new, simple habit just for you.

App screenshot of setting a reminder with a toggle and settings for when
App screenshot of a chart showing fluctuating but increasing average wheel values over time


See how your feelings change with the charts feature.

What trends emerge? What aspects of your life are connected? What changes are working?

Build an understanding of yourself and where happiness is found for you!


Treat yourself to enhanced reflection and improved well-being by joining Wellness Wheel Plus!

Create wheels across many templates and parts of your life by subscribing in the app today.

App screenshot of the subscribe page, saying that a benefit of joining Wellness Wheel Plus is creating more wheel templates

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