How can a wellness app help you build healthy habits?

Learn more about how a mood and habit tracking app might be the right tool for you!

What is Wellness Wheel?

Wellness Wheel is a free personal growth app that helps with goal setting and habit tracking. It's a way to keep you accountable and help you build a daily habit.

To-do lists are great, but what keeps us motivated is being aligned with our intentions. That means understanding our own values and emotions when it comes to building a positive habit.

From building relationships in a new town, getting that promotion at work, to taking up painting, life is filled with an overwhelming amount of things we want to accomplish. We often put the wrong thing aside, like prioritizing work goals over creative play, or ignoring your career entirely to focus on finances. This can lead many of us to feel imbalanced or less engaged in our day-to-day.

Based on life wheel templates used by professional coaches, the Wellness Wheel is designed to help you evaluate your emotions and progress as you work towards different categories or slices of your wheel of life. Check in as often as you'd like, but giving yourself a moment to self-reflect can work wonders.

This is a goal tracking app that wants you to embrace what's important to you.

How is a visual wheel a life coaching tool?

This colorful wheel is a visual tool many use in life coaching and personal development. It helps you assess and balance various areas of your life, such as career, health, relationships, and personal growth. The wheel helps with habit formation because you evaluate your satisfaction level and identify improvement areas.

We find the life wheel an effective tool, because it helps us have a visual of what facets of life aren't being fulfilled or where we're feeling imbalanced.

What is a mood tracker? How can an online mood tracker help in setting goals?

Like a mood journal or mood diary, a mood-tracking app helps you monitor and record emotional fluctuations. It helps people identify mood patterns or triggers and can help you gain deeper insight into your well-being.

Daily or weekly reminders help you monitor if your emotions align with different areas of life, like career, health, etc. 

Creating that awareness between your emotions and your goals can help you identify what areas need work and what areas you feel confident about.

Wellness Wheel goes beyond a time-tracking or goal-tracking app. Instead, we align your focus on emotional personal development, increasing your likelihood for success.

Wellness Wheel helps you track your emotions aligned with different areas of life, like career, health, etc. so you can closely monitor your perception of each.

Creating that awareness between your emotions and your goals can help you identify what areas need work and what areas are you feeling confident about.

How do I use Wellness Wheel for personal growth?

Whatever you decide to focus on, select a wheel template that works for you and your goal. Reminders will help you check in daily, weekly, or however often you want.

Get thoughtful questions to prompt intuitive self-reflection. Watch trends develop over time so you can build your awareness and seek opportunities for more fulfillment. 

Building habits is more successful when it aligns with your values. The better you feel about it, the more motivated you are, and the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

How do I build habits to reach my goals?

We know there are a ton of content and "hacks" out there for building healthy habits, but from experience (and advice from coaching experts), you're more likely to stay on top of your goals if they're aligned with your values. 

Wellness Wheel is designed to help you carve out time for self-reflection so you can stay true to yourself and your intentions.

It's a habit tracker that checks in on you as a human

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