Wellness Wheel

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Understand your well-being and see it in a unique, intuitive way.


Enter how you're feeling about important parts of your life: relationships, money, recreation, physical space, love, and anything you choose that's key to your well-being.

App screenshot showing sliders for rating how you're feeling today
App screenshot showing wheel visualization with pizza slices bigger for more fulfillment in that category and smaller for less


Once done, explore the wheel visualization of your mood at this moment. How big is the wheel? How well would it roll?

Is there a change you can make to make the wheel more full or more smooth? Consider trying it.


Take a few minutes to enter a new wheel periodically (once a day, once a week), and see how your feelings change. What trends emerge? What aspects of your life are connected? What changes are working?

Build an understanding of yourself and where happiness is found for you!

App screenshot showing a history of wheel entries

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I'm building this app independently because I want to create something positive and useful.

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